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Main objective
Colombian Government policies on women (Social, Economic etc.) and their status
The approach of Gender in Politics

Office of the Presidential Counselor for Women’s Equity

Main objective

The main objective of the office is to advance in actions that promote gender equity in order to contribute meaningfully and decisively to close social gaps and to forge a friendly culture of coexistence based on equality and fairness. Our work has three initiatives:

  • Affirmative actions (Programs and working areas)
  • Social Policy for Equal Opportunities
  • Gender Mainstreaming



  • Assist the President and Government in the design of policies aimed to promote equality between women and men.
  • Promote the mainstreaming in the formulation, management and monitoring of policies, plans and programs at national and local public entities.
  • Establish mechanisms for the accomplishment of the internal law, international treaties and conventions related to equality for women.
  • Establish strategic alliances with the enterprises, international agencies, NGOs, universities and research centers to encourage and strengthen research and analysis of existing knowledge about the condition and status of women.
  • Support community and social organizations of women in Colombia to ensure their active participation in government activities and programs.
  • Support the formulation and design of specific programs and projects aimed to improve the quality of women’s lifestyle, especially of the poorest and most vulnerable ones.
  • Promote the regulation of laws aimed to achieve equity for women.
  • Use the resources that we receive from international cooperation for the development of projects that ensure the inclusion of gender and women's participation in social, political and economic issues.
  • All others are in accordance with the nature of dependency and as assigned by the President of the Republic.
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Consejería Presidencial para la Equidad de la Mujer

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