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Main objective
Colombian Government policies on women (Social, Economic etc.) and their status
The approach of Gender in Politics

Office of the Presidential Counselor for Women’s Equity

Colombian Government policies on women (Social, Economic etc.) and their status

From 1984 to date, the Colombian government has promulgated and adopted eight policies for women:

  • Policy for Rural Women, created by the Ministry of Rural Development in 1984, approved in Conpes 2109 (National Council on Economic and Social Policies).
  • Integral Policy for Women created by the Presidential Council for Youth, Women and the Family in 1992, was approved in Conpes 2626.
  • The Ministry of Health created policy called, Women for Health, through the Resolution 1531, in 1992.
  • Policy for the Development of Rural Women created by the Presidential Council for Youth, Women and the Family in 1994, was approved in Social Conpes.
  • In 1997, the settings for the Advancements in the Equity and Participation Policy of Women were approved in Conpes 2941.
  • The Conpes 2726 approved EPAM Policy for Equity Participation of Women in 1994.
  • The Ministry of Social Protection approved national Policy for Sexual and Reproductive Health in 2003.
  • National Policy: Women builders of Peace and Development, created by Presidential Council for woman’s Equity in 2003.

Colombia rejects all forms of violence against women and the Government is working hard to eliminate this problem.  In Colombia, the Presidential Council for Women's Equity has reinforced the mainstreaming of gender in all government instances, particularly through the national Policy: "Women builders of peace and development”. This Policy reflects the Government determination to introduce a cross-gender point of view to be used in the design, implementation and evaluation of public policies. I want to emphasize in this Policy, because it integrates the other ones that I previously mentioned.

This Policy confirms the commitment of the Government with the women of Colombia. In the formulation of it, the Presidential Council for Women's Equity took into account the following aspects:

  1. Recognize needs and interests of women in Colombia
  2. Inclusion of the proposals made by the Colombian Women's Movement and their demands expressed in the Equal Opportunity Plan formulated in 2000, which publishes a result of work done through workshops with women from different regions of the country
  3. Promotion of the accomplishment of international commitments undertaken by the Colombian Government (Belem do Pará, The Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women, The Beijing Platform for Action, etc.)
  4. Take into account the proposals of the most important actions that help the construction of peace in Colombia, expressed by different women organizations.


Purpose of the Policy:

The Policy has been designed to correct inequalities between men and women caused by gender, ethnic and cultural diversity problems. The mentioned Policy helps to achieve equity between women and men regarding their involvement in social, economic, political and cultural issues. It also helps to show the contribution of women in the development of the country.

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