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Main objective
Colombian Government policies on women (Social, Economic etc.) and their status
The approach of Gender in Politics

Office of the Presidential Counselor for Women’s Equity

The approach of Gender in Politics

The national Policy “Women builders of peace and development", incorporates a gender point of view in politics regarding the promotion of more democratic relations between men and women.


Principles guiding the Policy:

  • Equity:
    It means the fairness of special treatment or attention to individuals or groups in a vulnerable situation.
  • Equality:
    Men and Women, with their differences, have the opportunity for full development as individuals who are part of the society.
  • Participation:
    Known as the spine of the Colombian Constitution of 1991, the participation of men and women in the decisions that affect the future of the country in political, economic, cultural and environmental issues is essential.
  • Respect for the Women’s Rights:
    Women should demand the accomplishment of their fundamental rights that established in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, The International Agreement of Civil and Political Rights and the in International Agreement of Economic, Social and Cultural rights.
  • Independence:
    Capacity acquired by each person to decide freely among the different chances of interacting with the society (personal, social, economic, cultural and political).


Respect for Diversity:

This means the recognition of the differences between population groups, the respect for their particularities and uniqueness. Their needs and interests are essential in building a society with equity.

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